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Asaan Dukaan

With Asaan Dukaan’s platform your business can rise to new heights
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Techstirr is disrupting legacy technology both in Pakistan and globally. With offices around the world in New York, London, and Dubai, Techstirr is providing a platform for local talent to both strive and develop their skills.

Techstirr is focused on providing services to governments, large corporations, SME’s and entrepreneurs alike. Techstirr is the first company in Pakistan to focus on brining the masses online through its custom-built solutions and through its products.


Asaan Dukaan

The process is seamlessly integrated to have your business up and running through the Asaan Dukaan’s e-commerce platform. Localized for both Pakistani entrepreneurs and businesses, Asaan Dukaan will increase your sales through the team’s support. Asaan Dukaan has numerous benefits through which you will be able to start generating revenue through your own, branded e-commerce mediums.

Through Asaan Dukaan you will be able to have an e-commerce website, mobile application, delivery integration, payment processing integration, customer management, dashboard panel, and many different features which will ensure your financial success and freedom.

Asaan Dukaan

Across the World

Asaan Dukaan is a revolutionary product which was developed across New York and Dubai. It has now entered the Pakistani market for entrepreneurs and businesses. From 2016 – 2020, e-commerce in Pakistan has grown 14 folds and is still far behind other countries.