How Asaan Dukaan is Going to Change the Dynamic of the E-commerce Industry in Pakistan

The global e-commerce industry is thriving with the total revenue of the industry growing every year. Pakistan’s e-commerce industry is not doing as well as others. Asaan Dukaan is an initiative that is aimed at revolutionizing the e-commerce industry of Pakistan. It provides entrepreneurs and businesses an opportunity to excel in the e-commerce market.

What Stats Show

Stats show that global e-commerce sales would reach almost USD 4.2 trillion by the end of 2020. Pakistan’s e-commerce industry, however, is well below this range at USD 3.9 billion. This is a huge gap in the market, which we aim to cover with Asaan Dukaan.

E-commerce Solution

The features and tools packed in Asaan Dukaan will encourage businesses and entrepreneurs to change their focus towards e-commerce. It is far easier to manage your business online than it is to handle it conventionally. With an e-commerce platform, businesses get all the numbers in front of their eyes. They can manage their entire business from a single place.

How Asaan Dukaan Helps Businesses

Asaan Dukaan will help businesses in every industry. Businesses in the retail industry, especially smaller stores and toy shops, can take advantage of our solution to grow their business. They can utilize the online platform of the e-commerce industry to reach more customers and reduce their operating costs by 90%. It has become difficult for such businesses to earn enough profits that will cover their daily expenses. With Asaan Dukaan they can save on costs such as utility bills and store rent, and use that capital to grow their business and boost their revenue.

Businesses in the retail industry are not the only ones lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of Asaan Dukaan. Food restaurants can offer their customers more value by utilizing the e-commerce solution of Asaan Dukaan. They can take advantage of our integrated delivery system. Food restaurants that do not have their own delivery system take a hit on their brand image when the delivery is not completed on time. With their own delivery system in place, they can ensure that their brand’s quality will sustain.

With changing times, businesses need to change as well. Pharmacies and medical stores can also use Asaan Dukaan to provide convenience to their customers. These businesses can reduce their costs by going online. They can provide their customers with more discounts, which will increase their sales exponentially. These are just a few examples of businesses in different industries that can take advantage of the booming e-commerce industry. Businesses in other industries such as fashion, electronics & media, furniture & appliances, cosmetics, and many more can utilize Asaan Dukaan for their benefit.


E-commerce is undoubtedly the future of businesses around the world. Asaan Dukaan aims to provide e-commerce solutions to businesses in every industry. The total revenue of the e-commerce industry will multiply and contribute towards the growth of Pakistan as more businesses join the industry. Asaan Dukaan’s mission is to empower businesses and individuals in every industry with technology. The e-commerce industry is the key to realizing this dream.

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