How the Idea of Having Your Own ‘Asaan Dukaan’ Advocates Women Empowerment

When it comes to women empowerment, Pakistan is well behind most countries. We need to take an initiative to empower the women of our country. Men are not the only ones who can grow and succeed. In this digital age, women can walk hand-in-hand with men. They should get equal opportunities to show the world that they can become entrepreneurs as well.

The Initiative

Asaan Dukaan is an initiative that does not discriminate between genders. It can be used by men and women alike to take control of their finances. It is an e-commerce solution that helps in starting an online business. It is suited to women in Pakistan because it allows them to run their businesses from their homes. Women no longer need to depend on anyone to generate an income. They can carry their own weight and become more than housewives.

Ambitious Women Entrepreneurs

Many women in Pakistan have already become entrepreneurs and are running their businesses successfully using social media platforms. Still, some can only dream of starting their online business. Asaan Dukaan provides every woman the opportunity to start an online business. Our process is seamless and effortless to complete. Women will find it easy to get their own Asaan Dukaan.

Aspiring women can take advantage of our comprehensive e-commerce solution and begin their online journey. Women who are already running their business can use Asaan Dukaan to take their business to new heights of success. They can increase their customers by more than ten times, reduce their costs by almost 90%, and increase their revenue by more than 50%.

Why is it Important?

You never know when and from where someone extraordinary comes into the limelight to change the world as we know it. There are no exceptions to this rule. Asaan Dukaan gives women a chance to shine and make their dreams a reality. When women can shop online, why can they not sell? There is no reason why they cannot. They can, and they should. We have come up with a solution to give them a platform, that is Asaan Dukaan. We believe that women are not meant to simply take care of their home and children.

A Look at the World

Stats show that there are around 252 million women entrepreneurs around the world and about 153 million women are running businesses. When women around the world can take control of their destiny, why can the women in Pakistan not do the same? We are here to change Pakistan’s stats and bring women into the business arena.


Numbers do not lie and they show that women constitute about 51% of the world’s population. When we do not include them in business, it ultimately means that we are ignoring half of the world’s population. By providing the women of Pakistan an opportunity with Asaan Dukaan, we hope to empower them in every possible way. Imagine what more we can achieve by working together with women.

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