Smooth Oversight of Business Activities with Asaan Dukaan

Asaan Dukaan’s full-service suite of exclusive products provide an easy
solution for complex business problems.

Mobile Application

Asaan Dukaan’s mobile app provides businesses with an opportunity to showcase their best products to the customers with ease. It offers multiple advantages such as push notifications, related advertising, aided promotions, loyalty programs, and many more. With our mobile app you can offer great customer support to build customer loyalty.

The mobile app shows every move of your customers such as the time they spend on a particular page or a product, the reviews they see, the taps they make, and a lot more. With these insights you can improve your marketing strategies to enhance customer value. By choosing Asaan Dukaan, your business growth will go beyond your imagination.


Give your customers a scalable and business-ready website with Asaan Dukaan. Spark your creativity and utilize the website to boost your business’s return on investment (ROI). The website gives your business the opportunity to be ever-present, at any time for your customers’ needs. It gives the credibility that customers are looking for. Grab the chance to give customers a place to find business information such as contact details, with a website.

Showcase product videos on the website to augment customer engagement and make the selling process more effective and cost-efficient. You can also integrate social media with the website to build your community with the customers.

Admin Dashboard is
Engineeredfor Success

Admin Dashboard is the control center of your business and a great platform to centralize business activities. It can be used to manage the content on the website and the mobile app. It offers a wide range of benefits to your business such as integrated delivery system, online payment options, and inventory management among many others.

All the information about the inventory is visible on the dashboard from tracking inventory levels, to order details. With the online payment option, you will not lose customers simply because they wanted to pay online. The integrated delivery system is sure to give your customers the value they deserve and maintain the quality of your business.